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Individuals in or seeking recovery whom are job seeking, or individuals in recovery who are currently employed, are also eligible for employment and recovery support services. Our employment specialists and certified recovery specialists can work with you directly to support your employment and recovery goals!

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Employment specialists can work one-on-one with you to help craft a great resume, practice interviewing skills, arrange for transportation assistance, and craft a job searching plan.  We also host frequent job recruiting fairs with recovery friendly workplaces across Pennsylvania and help prepare job seeking individuals in recovery to interview during these events. Employment services are available to those in or seeking recovery who reside in Pennsylvania. 

Whether you are currently employed or currently job seeking, we also provide one-on-one recovery support services for any individual in or seeking recovery from substance use or mental health disorders. Our team of peer recovery support specialists can work with you directly to develop a comprehensive recovery plan that supports your employment and personal recovery goals. You can connect with peers in person, via telephone, or over video from anywhere in Pennsylvania.

If you are an employee that has experienced discrimination or biased behavior, our team may be able to assist in resolving these issues in a mutually beneficial way. We find that working with employers and organizations that may misunderstand the recovery process can often be resolved with training and technical assistance, and we are happy to try and help advocate with you.

Individuals who engage in the RFW-PA and RFW-Philly initiatives are a great network of support and future job opportunities. As a participant in either program, enjoy monthly opportunities for network and socializing with you future employer or colleagues!


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